What Companies Google & Alphabet Own: Visuals & Full List

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For understanding any company better, I think it is essential to understand also what subsidiary companies it owns and how they are organized. In this article, I would like to share with you what I was able to learn from available public resources about Alphabet/Google subsidiaries.

Alphabet/Google owns hundreds of companies. The most prominent ones are:

  • Google Inc.: a core moneymaker
  • XXVI Holding Inc: holding company
  • Alphabet Holdings LLC: houses alphabet’s investments (CapitalG and GV)
  • X Developments LLC: “Moonshot” Factory
  • Other “Other Bets”: Waymo, Verily, Calico

To make it easier to understand, I have organized and visualize everything in an organizational structure chart below.

The organizational structure of Alphabet Inc subsidiaries including Google LLC, XXVI Holdings, Waymo and X Development

In the chart above, I had to condense Google Inc., the most significant part of Alphabet Inc, into just one box. However, a significant portion of nearly 400 hundred companies that are part of Alphabet Inc group is, in fact, subsidiaries of Google LLC. Also, there are many interesting things about Alphabet and Google companies that I was not able to put into this visual.

In the next chapters, I will go in detail not only through top-level companies that you see above, but I will also show you corporate organizational structure for sub-groups Google LLC and Alphabet Holdings LLC. You will also learn what 🥃🥃 “Double Irish” with 🥪 “Dutch Sandwich” is.

For those of you, that want to go through list of all the other companies that did not make it to my selection, there is a list of them at the very end of this article.

What Companies Are Owned by Alphabet Inc: Top-Level Organizational Structure & Subsidiaries List

In the organizational structure chart above, you could see that Alphabet Inc. owns XXVI Holdings, Inc., and this holding company owns all core parts of the Alphabet. The most important is, obviously, Google LLC, which produces 99% of the Alphabets Inc. consolidated revenue.

Before I jump into describing individual companies, let me give you insight into the level of detail Alphabet, Inc. management is currently providing about its subsidiaries. In their latest 2018 annual report (10-K). Alphabet Inc. disclosed that it owns four significant subsidiaries. They were:

  • Google LLC (core profit maker)
  • XXVI Holdings Inc.
  • Google Ireland Holdings (Google LLC subsidiary, that realizes most international profits)
  • Alphabet Capital US LLC (a company I currently know nothing about :-(, but thanks to Google we at least know that it is important)

As you can see, Alphabet and most of the other big US corporations do not disclose its full list of subsidiaries but only the “significant” one. So I had to go to other public resources (SEC filling, company registries, court document, ..) to put together a list of companies and their relationships.

Someone might say that this detailed information is not needed when we have a consolidated financial statements where everything is taken into account. I will disagree. When I am analyzing a group of companies, I need to understand their organizational structure. Which legal entities are within the group, and how are they connected. Who owns who? Is there any cross-ownership?

There are currently around 400 companies that I know are part of Alphabet Inc. There probably are companies that I am not aware of, mainly if they do not have “Google” or “Alphabet” in their name and are registered in Delaware.

Below you can find a list of the companies shown in the chart for top-level Alphabet structure. Subsidiaries that did not make it to any of the organizational charts in this article are included in the “Other Alphabet Subsidiaries List”. Yout can find it at the end of this article.

📃 List of Selected Top-Level Alphabet Inc. Subsidiaries (16 Companies)

Company                Country Description
Alphabet Holdings LLC USA Holding company that covers mainly subsidiaries focused on investment (GV and Capital G) It used to be owned by Google LLC. It is owned by XXVI Holdings Inc now.
Alphabet Inc. USA Parent holding company since 2015. If you own stocks of Google/Alphabet, you own a piece of this company.
Calico Life Sciences LLC USA Research and development company working on understanding aging.
Calico LLC (Calico Group LLC) USA Holding company of Calico Life Sciences LLC. Company is doing business as Calico Group LLC
Chronicle LLC USA Cybersecurity company that creates tools for businesses to prevent cybercrime on their platforms.
Google LLC USA Core Google parent company originally named Google Inc. before Google transformed itself into Alphabet. This is where most of the profits come from.
Loon Holdings Inc. USA Holding company
Loon LLC USA Company is working on providing Internet access to rural and remote areas using high-altitude balloons.
OB Technologies Inc. USA Holding company
OB Technology Holdings Inc. USA Holding company
Waymo Holding Inc. USA Holding company for Waymo
Waymo LLC USA Company developed autonomous car technology and currently operates “testing” rides in several US states and already launched Waymo One service in Phoenix. Recently it announced that it will not make its own cars but rather focus on autonomous driving technology.
Wing Aviation LLC USA Company developed drone delivering technology. It became independent from Project X in 2018. It is currently testing in Australia.
X Development Holdings Inc. USA Holding company
X Development LLC USA Called “Moonshot Factory.” The company says it is working on solving the world’s hardest problems using technology. Wing, Loom, and Waymo, which are now separate businesses, started as X projects.
XXVI Holdings, Inc USA Layer between Alphabet Inc. and individual companies of Alphabet. I was not able to find official reasons why they did that, and what benefits for the company (and shareholders) this additional layer has? Is this to lower some regulatory or disclosure requirements, tax reasons, or is this just technicality that was somehow needed to make the whole restructuring possible? The name of the company is referring to the Roman numeral of 26, the number of letters in the alphabet

What Companies Google LLC Owns: Organizational Structure & Subsidiaries List

The visualized organizational structure of Google LLC's subsidiaries including its significant international holding companies

Google LLC has over 200 direct and indirect subsidiaries, and in the visualization above (and also list directly below), you will find only the most important ones. Companies that were not selected for this list are part of the long list at the end of this article.

📃 List of Selected Google LLC Subsidiaries: 23 Companies

Company                Country Description
DeepMind Technologies Limited GBR Artificial intelligence/Machine Learning
DoubleClick Holding Corp. USA Online advertising company that Google acquired a decade ago. It recently announced that it is rebranding its advertising products, and it will no longer use DoubleClick brand. It might mean that DoubleClick related companies will be closed or merged with other companies. It might have already happened.
Dropcam, Inc. USA Home monitoring. Company is known for its Wi-Fi video streaming cameras. Was acquired by Nest soon after Nest was acquired by Google. This acquisition is often given as an example of how an acquisition can go wrong.
Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd SGP Singapore company that channels revenues (royalties) from Asia/Pacific region (through the Netherlands) to Ireland Holdings Unlimited. It has a similar purpose to Google Ireland Limited in Europe.
Google Bermuda Limited BMU Hard to say, where in the company hierarchy this sits. Might be the parent company of Google Bermuda Unlimited
Google Dialer Inc. USA Not sure exactly but connected to Google Fiber and Google Voice.
Google Fiber Inc. USA Internet Access Provider
Google Fiber North America Inc. USA Internet Access Provider
Google International LLC USA Holding company for Google’s subsidiaries in individual countries outside the US.
Google Ireland Holdings Unlimited Comp. IRL This is a very “famous” Google subsidiary that is incorporated in Ireland but managed and controlled in Bermuda. Google at least up to recently used this subsidiary as part of the “Double Irish” with “Dutch Sandwich” tax optimization scheme that is very common among large international companies. The company serves partially as a holding company for some international businesses but mainly as a holder of Google intellectual property that it further licensed to other Google companies for a fee.
Google Ireland Limited IRL Google Services Provider for Europe and Switzerland. It books a lot of revenue, but makes very small profits, since it pays a lot to Google Netherlands BV for Google’s intellectual property. Google Netherlands BV than channels this revenue to Google Ireland Unlimited that is incorporated in Ireland but domiciled in Bermuda.
Google Netherlands Holdings B.V. NLD This company is used as a middle layer between Google Ireland Limited and Google Ireland Holdings. This allows Alphabet to pay very low taxes from its European operations thanks to a tax optimization scheme called “Double Irish” with “Dutch Sandwich.” This loophole was very popular among international technology companies and was already fixed for new arrangements. Companies that were already using it, however, will be able to do so until 2020.
Google North America Inc. USA Provider of Google FI service (wireless network)
Google Payment Corp. USA Google’s companies that handle money transfers and peer-to-peer transactions. In US payments are processed by Google Payment Corp. (GPC), which has the appropriate license for transmitting money and for peer-to-peer transactions in US.
Google Payment Ireland Limited IRL Providing Google Payment Services for whole European Union (except UK) as a replacement for Google Payment UK. UK subsidiary will keep providing services for UK.
Google Voice Inc. USA Provider of Google Voice service.
GU Holdings Inc. USA Through this company, Google is building subsea cable infrastructure. For example, in 2019, they finished the connection between Los Angeles and Chile.
Nest Labs (Europe) Limited IRL “virtual subsidiary” of Nest Labs. Owned by Google Ireland Holdings Unlimited, so not directly under Nest Labs
Nest Labs Inc. USA Company flagship product and company’s first offering before it was acquired by Google was Nest Learning Thermostat. Nest operated independently of Google from 2015 to 2018. However, in 2018, Nest was merged into Google’s home-devices. (Still not sure if it was only organizational merger or also legal merger)
Nest Labs Singapore Pte. Ltd. SGP virtual “subsidiary” of Nest Labs. Owned by Google Ireland Holdings Unlimited.
Verily Life Sciences LLC USA Research company developing tools that focus on health data and how they can help with timely decision-making and effective interventions. (formerly Google Live Sciences)
Waze Mobile Ltd. ISR GPS navigation software. Waze describes its app as a community-driven GPS navigation app, which is free to download and use. Waze is owned directly by Google LLC.
YouTube, LLC USA Youtube is a very successful video sharing and hosting service that Google acquired in 2006. This acquisition became hugely successful for Google. But not everybody was persuaded that the acquisition made sense at the time.

What Companies Alphabet Holding LLC Owns: Organizational Structure & Subsidiaries List

The visualized organizational structure of Alphabet Holdings' subsidiaries that includes CapitalG and GV subsidiaries and also Sidewalk Labs

Alphabet Holding LLC is a holding company that is a direct subsidiary of XXVI Holdings, Inc. It is focused mainly on managing Google/Alphabet investments. Both Alphabet investment managing firms CapitalG and GV are housed under this holding. CapitalG and GV invest in other companies, but since those are usually small stakes below 50%, these companies are not part of Alphabet Group. If you want to know more about what companies do they invest in, both CapitalG and GV have a helpful list of their investments on their webpages.

📃 List of Selected Alphabet Holding LLC Subsidiaries: 42 Companies

Company                    Country Description
CapitalG 2013 GP LLC USA Fund Manager
CapitalG 2013 LP USA Fund
CapitalG 2014 GP LLC USA Fund Manager
CapitalG 2014 LP USA Fund
CapitalG 2015 GP LLC USA Fund Manager
CapitalG 2015 LP USA Fund
CapitalG GP II LLC USA Fund
CapitalG GP LLC USA Fund Manager
CapitalG II LP USA Fund
CapitalG LP USA Fund
CapitalG Management Company LLC USA CapitalG Core Management Company
CapitalG Rise LLC USA Unknown purpose
Google Capital 2016 GP, L.L.C. USA Used to be under Google Inc., but since all Google Capital moved, I assume this moved under Alphabet Holdings too.
Google Capital 2016, L.P. USA Fund
Google Capital Management Company, L.L.C. USA Google Capital management company (Google Capital is an old name for CapitalG)
GV 2009 GP, L.L.C. USA Fund manager
GV 2009, L.P. USA Fund
GV 2010 GP, L.L.C. USA Fund manager
GV 2010, L.P. USA Fund
GV 2011 GP, L.L.C. USA Fund manager
GV 2011, L.P. USA Fund
GV 2012 GP, L.L.C. USA Fund manager
GV 2012, L.P. USA Fund
GV 2013 GP, L.L.C. USA Fund manager
GV 2013, L.P. USA Fund
GV 2014 GP, L.L.C. USA Fund manager
GV 2014, L.P. USA Fund
GV 2015 GP, L.L.C. USA Fund manager
GV 2015, L.P. USA Fund
GV 2016 GP, L.L.C. USA Fund manager
GV 2016, L.P. USA Fund
GV 2017 GP, L.L.C. USA Fund manager
GV 2017 GP, L.P. USA Fund manager
GV 2017, L.P. USA Fund
GV 2019 GP, L.L.C. USA Fund manager
GV 2019 GP, L.P. USA Fund manager
GV 2019, L.P. USA Fund
GV Management Company, L.L.C. USA Core management company for GV
GV UK Management Company Limited GBR Small UK based branch of “GV Management” (3 employees in 2018)
Sidewalk Labs LLC USA Urban innovation organization whose goal is to improve urban infrastructure through technological solutions and tackle challenges of urban growth such as cost of living, efficient transportation, and energy usage.
Sidewalk Labs Management Company LLC USA Urban innovation

❓ Why Does Alphabet Inc Exist? Why Was Google Transformed Into Alphabet?

Before 2015, there was no Alphabet, and Google Inc. was a publicly-traded company that you could directly own by buying its shares. All subsidiaries were subsidiaries to Google Inc. In 2015 Google transformed into Alphabet, where Alphabet Inc became the top parent company that was publicly traded. Google Inc. shareholders became overnight Alphabet Inc shareholders.

In reality, many “Other Bets” businesses still stayed as subsidiaries of Google LLC even after the 2015 transformation, and it was only recently when the whole transformation was finalized. Finally, “Other Bets” companies were moved from outside Google LLC.

The reasons for this complex transformation were described by Google management as an “increase in transparency and oversight,” That would be achieved by putting larger projects at the same level as Goole LLC with their separate management, reporting directly to Alphabet Inc management.

I clearly see the benefits of why this was done and how it could help Google/Alphabet to run more efficiently. The problem is, that proclaimed increase in transparency was only internal for Google management. Transparency for investors did not increase.

Another reason behind the transformation was obviously limiting risk. By separating Google into different companies, each one of them is independent of each other. If something bad happens in one company, the others would be protected from it.

🥃🥪🥃 What is Double Irish & Dutch Sandwich Arrangement?

Double Irish & Dutch Sandwich is a very popular and publicized arrangement through which mostly US companies were optimizing their taxes from European businesses. It involved two Irish and one Dutch company. Wikipedia has a nice article on both Double Irish and Dutch Sandwich, explaining how it works. In Alphabet/Google case. Companies involved in Double Irish with Dutch Sandwich arrangement are assumed to be:

  • Google Ireland Holding Unlimited (Irish company with Bermuda domicile)
  • Google Netherlands Holdings B.V. (Dutch “sandwich” company that serves as an intermediary between two Ireland companies)
  • Google Ireland Limited (Ireland company that is directly booking revenue from European business, and sends most of the revenue to the Netherlands as royalties for leasing Google’s intellectual property.

📃 List of All Other Alphabet Inc. Direct or Indirect Subsidiaries: 296 Companies

Here is a list of all other companies that I identified as part of Alphabet Inc subsidiaries and did not mention in any of the lists above. There are 296 companies in this list, and together with the companies I mentioned above, it is in total 377 Alphabet/Google Subsidiaries listed in this article.

Company                Country Description
Aardvark USA Q&A service
Admeld Inc. USA Online advertising
AdMob, Inc. USA Mobile advertising
Adometry, Inc. USA Online advertising attribution
AdScape Media, Inc.

AdScape Media (Canada), Inc.

In-game advertising
Aegino Unlimited Company IRL Company was mentioned in some articles as owner of several other companies operating data centers.
Agawi Inc. USA Mobile application streaming
Agnilux Inc. USA CPUs design
AIMatter OOO BLR Computer vision
Akwan Information Technologies Inc BRA Search engine
allPAY GmbH DEU Mobile software developer
Alooma, Inc. ISR Cloud migration
Alpental Technologies, Inc. USA Wireless Technology
Alphabet Capital Management LLC USA Unknown purpose
Alphabet Capital US II LLC USA Unknown purpose
Alphabet Capital US LLC USA Currently, I have no idea what is this company’s purpose. Might be a new investment SPV, might be some temporary company that was needed for finalizing the transformation of Google to Alphabet. The thing is, it was one of only four companies that Google mentioned this one as “significant” in their annual report, which means this is not just an empty shell.
Alphabet Capital, LLC USA Incorporated in 2018 in Delaware, otherwise no further details about it.
Android Inc. USA Mobile operating system
Angstro, Inc. USA Social networking service
Anvato Inc. USA Cloud-based video services
API.AI USA Natural language processing
Apigee Corporation (USA)

Apigee Technologies (India) Private Limited (IND)

Apigee Europe Limited (GBR)

Apigee Singapore Pte Ltd (SGP)

Apigee Australia Pty Ltd (AUS)

Apigee Japan K K (JPN)

Apigee Corporation (branch) (ARE)

InsightsOne Systems, Inc. (USA)
Various API management and predictive analytics
AppBridge Inc. USA Google Cloud migration
Appetas USA Restaurant website creation
Applied Semantics, Inc. USA Online advertising
Appurify Inc. USA Automated application testing
Apture, Inc. USA Instantaneous search
Autofuss USA Art and Design
BandPage, Inc. USA Platform for musicians
BeatThatQuote.com Limited GBR Price comparison service
bebop Technologies, Inc. USA Cloud software
Behavio USA Social Prediction
Beijing Gu Xiang Information Technology Co. Limited (Join Venture) CHN Internet Search (Join Venture)
Bitium, Inc. USA Single sign-on and identity management
Bitspin GmbH CHE Timely App for Android
BlindType Inc GRC Touch typing
Bot & Dolly Inc. USA Robotic cameras
bruNET Holding AG

bruNET GmbH

bruNET Schweiz GmbH


Mobile software
Bump Technologies USA Mobile software
Bump Technologies Inc. (BumpTop) CAN Desktop environment
Cask Data Inc. USA Big data analytics
Ceann Nua Limited IRL Editorial control services
Channel Intelligence, Inc. USA Ecommerce services
Charleston Road Registry Inc. USA Company serving as top level Domain registrar, since rules required it to be a separate company from Google.
Clever Sense, Inc. USA Local recommendations app
Cronologics Inc. USA Smart watches
Cwist, Inc. (Workbench ) USA Online learning provider
DailyDeal GmbH DEU One deal a day service
Dealmap USA One deal a day service
Digisfera PRT 360-degree photography
Digital Advertising and Marketing Limited (GBR)

DoubleClick Asia Ltd. (HKG)

DoubleClick Australia Pty Ltd (AUS)

DoubleClick Europe Limited (GBR)

DoubleClick Hispania SL (ESP)

DoubleClick International Asia BV (NLD)

DoubleClick International Holding LLC (USA)

DoubleClick International Internet Advertising Limited (IRL)

DoubleClick International TechSolutions Limited (IRL)

DoubleClick Internet Ireland Limited (IRL)

DoubleClick Real Property LLC (USA)

DoubleClick Sweden AB (SWE)

DoubleClick Technology Pte. Ltd. (SGP)

DoubleClick TechSolutions (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (CHN)

Falk eSolutions GmbH (CHE)

Falk eSolutions Ltd. (GBR)

Google Affiliate Network Inc. (USA)

MessageMedia Europe BV (SWE)

MessageMedia GmbH (DEU)

MessageMedia US/Europe Inc. (USA)
Various Group of subsidiaries that are part of DoubleClick Holding
Directr Inc. USA Mobile video app
Divide, Inc. USA App splitting phone into two modes, personal & work.
dMarc Broadcasting, Inc.

Scott Concepts, LLC

Scott Studios, LLC


Radio advertising software
DNNresearch Inc. CAN Deep Neural Networks (image recognition)
DocVerse, Inc. USA Microsoft Office files sharing site
DoubleClick International Asia Holding NV NLD Holding company
DrawElements OY FIN Graphics compatibility testing
eBook Technologies, Inc. USA E-book distribution
Emu USA IM client
Endoxon AG

Endoxon (Deutchland) GmbH

Endoxon (India) Private Ltd.


Episodic, Inc. USA Online video platform start-up
Eyefluence, Inc. USA Eye tracking, virtual reality
Fabric USA Mobile app platform
FameBit, LLC USA Marketing platform connecting online creators and brands
FeedBurner Inc. USA Web feed
Firebase, Inc. USA Application development platform
Flexycore SAS FRA DroidBooster App for Android
Flutter USA Gesture recognition technology
Fly Labs Inc. USA Video editing
FortyTwo Inc. (Kifi) USA Link management
Fridge USA Social groups
Gecko Design Inc. USA Mechanical design
Global IP Solutions Holding AB SWE Video and audio compression
Google (Hong Kong) Limited (HKG)

Google Google Reklamcilik ve Pazarlama (Google Advertising and Marketing Limited) (TUR)

Google Argentina S.R.L. (ARG)

Google Australia Pty Ltd. (AUS)

Google Austria GmbH (AUT)

Google Belgium NV (BEL)

Google Brasil Internet Ltda. (BRA)

Google Canada Corporation (CAN)

Google Czech Republic s.r.o. (CZE)

Google Denmark ApS (DNK)

Google Egypt LLC (EGY)

Google Finland OY (FIN)

Google France SarL (FRA)

Google FZ LLC (ARE)

Google Germany GmbH (DEU)

Google Holdings Pte. Ltd. (SGP)

Google Chile Limitada (CHL)

Google India Private Limited (IND)

Google Information Technology Services Limited Liability Company (HUN)

Google Israel Ltd. (ISR)

Google Italy s.r.l. (ITA)

Google Japan Inc. (JPN)

Google Korea, LLC. (KOR)

Google Limited Liability Company-Google OOO (RUS)

Google Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. (MEX)

Google New Zealand Ltd. (NZL)

Google Norway AS (NOR)

Google Poland Sp. z o.o. (POL)

Google South Africa (Proprietary) Limited (ZAP)

Google Spain, S.L. (ESP)

Google Sweden AB (SWE)

Google Switzerland GmbH (CHE)

Google UK Limited (GBR)

Google Netherlands B.V. (NLD)
Various Group of Google’s international subsidiaries that operate in many countries around the world. Majority of them are subsidiaries of Google International LLC
Google Affordable Housing I LLC USA Holding Company
Google Airwaves Inc. USA This google subsidiary took part in FCC auction for the 700mhz spectrum in United States.
Google Bermuda Unlimited BMU Probably part of “Double Irish” tax scheme. Is this parent company of Google Ireland Holdings?
Google Cable Bermuda Ltd BMU Unknown purpose. Is it related to underwater cables Google is building?
Google CFLL Inc. USA Unknown purpose
Google Commerce Limited IRL Unknown purpose
Google Compare Auto Insurance Services Inc. USA Auto insurance comparison service
Google Compare Credit Cards Inc. USA Credit Card comparison service
Google Compare Mortgages Inc. USA Mortgage comparison service
Google Endeavor LLC USA Internet Commerce
Google Energy LLC USA Wholesale power trading
Google Engineering UK Holdings Limited GBR Holding company
Google Europe International Technology Unlimited Company IRL Unknown purpose
Google Fiber California, LLC USA Fiber Service
Google Information Technology (China) Co., Limited CHN Software development
Google Information Technology (Shanghai) Company Limited CHN Internet Search
Google Infrastructure Bermuda Limited BMU Unknown purpose
Google Payment Hong Kong Limited HKG Google Pay Services
Google Payment Lithuania LTU Google Pay Services. Not sure if this company really operates. It was probably on the short list to be counterparty for the whole Europe as a replacement for Google Payment UK. At the end, european business was handed over to Google Payment Ireland.
Google Payment Ltd. GBR This company used to be the main payment service provider for Europe. This role was handed over to Google Payment Ireland, because of looming Brexit.
Google Payment Singapore Pte. Ltd. SGP Google Pay Services
Google Singapore Pte. Ltd. SGP Hosting service
Google SJC Bermuda Limited BMU Unknown purpose
Google Spectrum Investments Inc. USA Unknown purpose
Google Sweden Tecnique AB SWE Unknown purpose
GrandCentral Communication, Inc. USA Voice over IP
GraphicsFuzz Ltd. GBR GPU reliability
Green Border Technologies, Inc. USA Computer security
Green Parrot Pictures Ltd IRL Digital video (quality & speed)
GreenThrottle USA Acquihire of android game maker
Halli Labs Private Limited IND Artificial intelligence
Holomni LLC USA Robotic wheels
Ignite Logic Inc. USA HTML editor
ImageAmerica, Inc.

ImageAmerica Aviation, Inc.

Aerial photography
Impermium Inc. USA Internet security
Incentive Targeting Inc. USA Digital coupons
Industrial Perception Inc. USA Robotic arms, computer vision
Instantiations Inc. USA Java/Eclipse/AJAX developer tools
Invite Media Inc. USA Display advertising
ITA Software Inc. USA Travel technology
Jambool, Inc. USA “Social Gold” payments
Jetpac Inc. USA Artificial intelligence, image recognition
Jibe Mobile Inc. USA Rich Communication Services
Kaggle Inc. USA Data science competitions
Katango, Inc. USA Social circle organization
Keyhole, Inc. USA Map analysis
LabPixies Ltd. ISR Social games & widgets
LaunchKit USA Toolkit for mobile app development
Launchpad Toys Inc. USA Child-friendly apps
LeapDroid Inc. USA Android Emulator
Leonberger Holdings B.V. NLD Not sure about the purpose of this company, except the fact that Leonberger Yoska was “official” Google dog in early 2000.
Leti Link Holdings Limited IRL Purpose unknown
Lift Labs Inc USA Liftware developer (utensils for people with tremor)
Like.com Inc. USA Visual search engine
Limes Audio AB SWE Voice communication
Lumedyne Technologies Incorporated USA Developer of MEMs-based, inertial direction sensors.
Makani Power Inc. USA Airborne wind turbines
MDialog Corp. CAN Online advertising
Meebo, Inc. USA Social networking
Meka Robotics LLC USA Robots
Metaweb Technologies, Inc. USA Semantic search
Moodstocks SAS FRA Image recognition
MyEnergy USA Online energy usage monitoring
Neotonic Software Corporation USA Customer relationship management
Next New Networks LLC USA Online video
Nightcorn, Inc. DEU Video sharing
Nik Software Inc. USA Photography
Nimbuz, Inc. (Odysee) USA Multimedia sharing and storage
NVF Tech Limited (Redux)

NVF Sub Limited

Redux Management Limited

Redux Laboratories LLP



Omnisio, Inc. USA Online Video
On2 Technologies, Inc. USA Video compression
Orbitera Inc. USA Cloud software for cloud marketplaces
Owlchemy Labs LLC USA Virtual reality studio
Panoramio ESP Photo sharing
PeakStream Inc. USA Parallel processing
Peng Ji Information Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. CHN Software development
Phonetic Arts Limited GBR Speech synthesis
Pie SGP Enterprise communications
PittPatt USA Facial recognition system
Pixate Inc. USA Mobile software prototyping
Plannr USA Schedule management
Plink Search GBR Visual search engine
Postini, Inc.

Postini Canada Holding Co.

Postini Switzerland GmbH

Postini UK Limited



Communications security
PostRank Inc. CAN Social media analytics service
Pulse.io Inc. USA Mobile app optimizer
Punch’d Energy Incorporated (Punchd) USA Loyalty program
Pushlife Inc. CAN Service provider
Pyra Labs USA Blogger and Blogspot web self-publishing system
Quest Visual Inc. USA Augmented reality
Quickoffice, Inc USA Mobile office suite
Qwiklabs Inc. USA Cloud-based hands-on training platform
Raiden Unlimited Company IRL Probably company holding Google’s data center investments?
Rangespan Ltd. GBR E-commerce
reCAPTCHA Inc. USA Security/Books digitalization
Red Hot Labs Inc. USA App advertising and discovery
Redwood Robotics USA Robotic arms
RelativeWave LLC USA Mobile software prototyping
Relay Media Inc. USA AMP converter
reMail LLC USA Email search
Revolv USA Home automation
RightsFlow Inc. USA Music rights management
Ruba.com USA Travel
SageTV, LLC USA Media center
SayNow USA Voice recognition
Schaft JPN Robotics, humanoid robots
Senosis Health Inc. USA Health monitoring
Sigmoid Labs Private Ltd. IND Indian railway tracking
Simplify Media USA Music streaming
Skia Inc. USA Graphics library
Skillman & Hackett USA Virtual reality software
Skybox Imaging, Inc. USA Satellite
Skydocks GmbH DEU urpose unknown
SlickLogin ISR Internet Security
Slide, Inc. USA Social gaming
SocialDeck Inc. CAN Social gaming
SocialGrapple CAN Social media analytics service
Songza USA Music streaming
Sparkbuy Inc. USA Product search and comparison
‎Sparrow SARL FRA Mobile apps
Spidercrunch Limited (spider.io) GBR Anti-click fraud
Sprinks USA Online advertising
Stackdriver USA Cloud computing
Studio SBV, Inc. (Oyster) USA E-book subscriptions
Superpod Inc. USA Question and answer app
Supyar Technologies Pvt Ltd. (Quiksee) ISR Online video
Synergyse CAN Interactive tutorials
Talaria Technologies Inc. USA Cloud computing
TalkBin USA Mobile software
Tatter and Company (TNC) KOR Weblog software
Tenor Inc. USA GIF image search
Teracent Corporation USA Online advertising
Terrabella Technologies Limited IRL Software development
Terraform Labs Incorporated (Onward) USA Customer service and sales workflows automation using a chatbot
Thrive Audio IRL Surround sound technology
Timeful Inc. USA Mobile software
Tiny Garage Labs Inc. (60db) USA Podcasts
Titan Aerospace USA High-altitude UAVs
Trendalyzer SWE Visualization Software
TxVia, Inc. USA Online payments
Upstartle, LLC USA Word processor
Urban Engines Inc. USA Location-based analytics
Urchin Software Corporation USA Web analytics
Velostrata Inc. ISR Cloud migration
Vidmaker Inc. USA Video editing
Viewdle UKR Facial recognition
VirusTotal.com ESP Security
Wavii Inc. USA Natural Language Processing
Webpass Inc. USA Internet service provider
Zave Networks Inc. USA Digital coupons
Zetawire Inc. CAN Mobile payment, NFC
ZipDash Inc. USA Traffic analysis
Zynamics DEU Security
Zync Inc. (Zync Render) USA Cloud-based visual effects software

Disclaimer: Although I did my best to make this list as complete and correct as possible, there might be companies that are part of Alphabet and are not mentioned in the list (or vice versa). There also might be some errors in the list and the relationship between the companies. A mistake could happen, for example, when acquisition happened, but Alphabet did not announce it, or the company was liquidated, sold, or moved to other holding companies without making it public (could be the issue with small acquisitions that I still keep in the list). Also, there are companies that I might have just missed.

If you think I missed something or know about other companies that should be on the list, please let me know through my Twitter or LinkedIn. I will look into it.

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