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KamilFranek.com is a site that features articles about business analytics topics.

Articles are both about business analytics from the outside point of view by offering in-depth analytics of public companies, but also about business analytics from the inside with articles about how to efficiently solve the most common business analytics tasks like measuring and tracking sales performance, visualizing financial statements and other.

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My Vision for This Site


Kamil here. Let me share with you my view of business analytics and what is my long term vision for this site.

My approach to Business Analytics is that it is about helping people to answer a question they have about their business so that they can make better decisions. “Business” is an essential ingredient in it,

My 15 years of experience in different analytics positions taught me that knowledge of the underlying business and its context is the most critical thing to do analytics well. You have to be also proficient in handling data, knowledgable about different analytics and visualization techniques, but that is only secondary to the business knowledge.

Trying to do analytics without business knowledge is like trying to become a great novelist by having excellent typewriting skills but having nothing to write about. You simply cannot analyze “NOTHING.”

This site started as a portfolio type blog, where I planned to show some practical application of business analytics. But currently, my plans are far bigger than that. I want to build this site into the most helpful resource in the world in the following areas:

  • Public Companies Analytics (Annual View): Analytics of publicly traded companies, mainly in the technology sector. The aim is to go beyond what most business magazines and newspapers offer. Both in terms of depth and also the way how the analytics is presented. My goal here is not to recommend what you should invest in, but to make sure you have a good understanding of the company and how it ticks.

  • Internal Business Analytics: So far, I did not fully extend this part of the website, but it will include articles about sales performance visualization, planning, forecasting, and other practical business analytics areas.

  • Fun Analytics: Sometime, I might go outside what I usually write about just for fun or because it intrigued me for other reasons. Like this, YouTube video where are turn population pyramids into population X-mass trees.

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